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Great new album by Chuck Hawthorne!

I wouldn’t presume to “review” another artist’s album but I sure don’t mind telling you what I think of my friend, Chuck Hawthorne’s new CD which I just got.  Chuck served our country for a lot of years as a Marine and now he serves the world by sharing his musical...

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Western Writers of America Conference coming up!

June is almost here and that means the Western Writers of America Conference is coming up in the latter part of the month.  This year, it's in Tucson, which means shorts and plenty of sunscreen (not really, I'll just wear what I always wear but you might want to try...

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Lights of Cimarron

Just a reminder that my latest book, The Lights of Cimarron from Five Star Publishing, is available in both Hard Cover AND Kindle version.  You can click on the link on my website and it'll take you right there. Here's what award-winning author, Karen Casey...

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Bless the Storytellers

As many of you know from my posts the past few days, my novel, The Lights of Cimarrón, was just published by Five Star. This is my fifth book to be published…the first three, Rustler’s Moon, Colorado Moon and Waning Moon are all available in large print editions from...

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EverReady Review of Lights of Cimarron

EverReady Review Book Review  The Lights of Cimarrón: My love is true, it shines for you like The Lights of Cimarrón lyric from the song The Lights of Cimarrón Spur Award winning author Jim Jones is a popular western writer whose five novels are set in Northern New...

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Lights of Cimarron Coming Soon!

My fifth novel, The Lights of Cimarron, will be published next week, April 17th, by Five Star Publishing.  Here’s what some folks who got a sneak peek at it are saying: "Acclaimed songwriter Jim Jones reveals another side to his writing ability in this rip-snorting...

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I’m BACK!!

I’ve been away for awhile, first when the Cowboy Way did our nearly week-long Texas Tour and then for the past five days when I’ve been as sick as a dog.  I think I’m going to survive though so I figured I’d go ahead and weigh in.  The Texas Tour had some real...

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Living Room Session #4

On Wednesday, April 10th, I’ll be presenting my fourth Living Room Sessions Concert along with my special guest and fellow Cowboy Way Trio pard, Mariam Funke.  We’ll be performing in the living room of good friends Scott and Anne in their lovely home in Corrales. I’ve...

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Claudia Nygaard’s New CD

I just had a chance to listen to my friend, Claudia Nygaard's new CD, Lucky Girl, all the way through and I just had to tell folks how impressed I was.  I first became aware of Claudia's music at several different Folk Alliance events over the years but I actually got...

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Stories to tell, getting ready to head across the ocean!

I’m getting to the end of the first draft of my next book which will answer at least some of the questions you’ll find at the end of my latest novel, The Lights of Cimarron.  If you haven’t read that one, you’ve still got a little time but don’t procrastinate too...

Western Writers of America convention in Tucson

I just got back Sunday from the Western Writers of America convention in Tucson and it went really well.  Got to see a bunch of old friends and meet some new ones, have some interesting possibilities cooking and got to play a bunch of music, too.


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