Rod Miller is an award-winning author and poet. People toss the phrase, “award-winning,” around so much that it can become meaningless, so let me give you a little context. Rod has won four Western Writers of America Spur Awards; he has won awards from the Western Fictioneers, Westerners International and the Academy of Western Artists. As a writer, he’s the REAL DEAL. This brings me to his latest book, All My Sins Remembered, published by Five Star, a part of Gale, a Cengage Company.

WOW! I love it when a writer does something unique. This book is sort of a mash-up of the movies, “Stagecoach” and “House On Haunted Hill.” I’ll confess that for me, the most important ingredient in a story is compelling characters. I also like a tale that has some twists and turns in it. “All My Sins Remembered” has all of this and then some. His main character … I can’t call him the “hero” and when you read this book, you’ll understand why … is indeed a CHARACTER! As you get into the story, you’ll find yourself saying, “Wait, what did he just do?? He can’t do that!” You’ll decide that he’s despicable and nothing he does can surprise you and then he does something that surprises you. All the while, your eyes will get a little wider and your jaw will drop a little further. I promise you, I wasn’t sure how this book was going to end until the very last page. Along the way, there are some “creepy” scenes as well as some “tender moments” that catch the reader off guard. I highly recommend this book. I thoroughly enjoyed it even as it left me feeling uneasy. I have to say that the next time I see Rod Miller, I don’t think I’ll turn my back on him. I believe that fella has a “dark side!” Check it out at his website, listed below.

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