As many of you know from my posts the past few days, my novel, The Lights of Cimarrón, was just published by Five Star. This is my fifth book to be published…the first three, Rustler’s Moon, Colorado Moon and Waning Moon are all available in large print editions from Wheeler…and I have to tell you, it’s still a bit surreal to me that I’ve actually written books (plural??). One of the things that makes humans unique is our ability to use our imaginations to create stories. Through this gift, we can entertain people, encourage them to think, make them laugh and cry, and generally carry them away from their troubles for a while. On occasion, they can take something from the stories and make use of it in their lives. As a storyteller, I try my best to offer my readers a tale that, above all, entertains. I hope you read my book and I hope you like it. More importantly though, I hope you all continue to support the storytellers…the authors, the songwriters, the screenwriters…because they, for the most part, make the world a better place.

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