They say “good things come in threes” (I don’t know who “they” are and I don’t really know if “they” actually say that; I just basically made it up).  If that’s true (or even if it’s not), The Cowboy Way has just released our third album, “Doin’ What We Do,” and we’re pretty pleased with it. With eleven original tunes, three covers, a collaboration with the reigning IWMA Entertainer of the Year AND the reigning Instrumentalist of the Year, and co-writes with some of the finest poets and songwriters around, we’ve pretty much got something for everyone.  Mariam even stuck a Brian May/Queen lick in one of the songs.  If you can find it and identify it, let me know and you’ll win the grand prize! (remember, this IS a Jim Jones contest though and the grand prizes aren’t really all that grand). You can buy the physical CD or the download and also stream any individual songs by going to the store here on my website.  You can also purchase the physical CD at the Cowboy Way website which is

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