Last Thursday, the Cowboy Way (me, Doug Figgs, Mariam) conducted our first Create a Song event at the Tractor Brewing Company’s Four Hills location.  We had 15 people registered and 13 made it which worked out to be a manageable group.  We had some experienced songwriters and some folks who had never written a song but were interested in learning about the process.  I was amazed at how focused and passionate people were when, after some teaching on our part for the group, they each grabbed their pen and pad and started writing.  We circulated among the group, giving feedback and suggestions which seemed to be well-received.  I have to tell you, it was a ton of fun, both for the participants and for the instructors.  The experience left us really excited and enthusiastic about getting the next event planned.  We also talked about doing a different kind of event at someone’s home…sort of like a house concert, only a songwriter workshop…and folks seemed very interested in that as well.  Songwriting is something we’re very passionate about so it was gratifying to see people respond in kind with an eagerness to learn and a passion for putting their thoughts and feelings into words.  We will definitely be doing more of these types of workshops.  I’ll keep you posted here but you can also check it out at the Cowboy Way website, the URL for which is posted below.

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