My very first Living Room Session concert is tonight, 7 PM at the Rio Rancho home of my friend Joy Allen Burns.  I’ll put her email below in case you want to make last minute reservations.  This will be sort of like a house concert but a little less formal.  I was pleased and excited about the number of requests I received for the second set.  Some interesting songs.  We’ll see how it goes and tweek the next one accordingly.  By the way, the next one, which will take place in mid-December, will feature me AND my good friend, Randy Huston. Just in case anyone has forgotten that I’m also an author, I want to remind you that my new book, The Lights of Cimarron, will be coming out with Five Star Publishing in early spring, 2019.  I just got a sneak preview of the cover that they’ve designed and I LOVE it!  In the meantime, Christmas is just around the corner and I know you’ll want all your friends and family to have read my first four books (Rustler’s Moon, Colorado Moon, Waning Moon and The Big Empty) before The Lights of Cimarron comes out.  There are links to those books all over my website!  Don’t be afraid of technology…USE THE BUTTONS! 🙂

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