I wouldn’t presume to “review” another artist’s album but I sure don’t mind telling you what I think of my friend, Chuck Hawthorne’s new CD which I just got.  Chuck served our country for a lot of years as a Marine and now he serves the world by sharing his musical vision.  This is a wonderful collection of music…edgy, sometimes dark, other times upbeat and optimistic.  Pretty much like going to a Chuck Hawthorne show.  Great songs, great productions by Walt Wilkins and Ron Flynt along with all the contributing musicians.  If you’ve had the pleasure of hearing Libby Koch, you know she’s an outstanding vocalist.  However, I’ve known plenty of folks who can sing lead really well but are clueless when it comes to singing harmony.  Libby is one of the best harmony singers I’ve ever heard!  Chuck just did some CD Release shows in Texas and the album will be officially released on July 26, 2019.  This is the kind of music we all should be listening to…it’s got gravitas (that means it’s got “legs” 😉 )  You should get one for yourself and a couple for you best friends.  Check it out at the link below:


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