Since we’re all going to be shut in a lot more than usual for a while, I would encourage you to read books and listen to music…it will lighten your load and make the time pass. I have books and music available on my website and you can get there with just a click of your mouse (AND it doesn’t even hurt your mouse when you click it!). My books, The Big Empty and The Lights of Cimarron (both Five Star Publishing) are available directly through my website as are most of my CDs. My Jared Delaney/Moon series is temporarily unavailable online because I have a new publisher, Speaking Volumes, who is getting the new covers together and working on releasing them within the next couple of months. I do have a supply of Rustler’s Moon, Colorado Moon and Waning Moon in paperback so if you’re interested in one (or all!) of them, you can contact me at my email address (listed below). Hang in there, socially distance but DON’T socially isolate! We’ll get through this.

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