Interesting stuff coming up.  The Cowboy Way Trio’s second CD, Go West, is now available on the Store link of our website (see below) AND Christmas is JUST around the corner!  My fifth novel, The Lights of Cimarron is being published by Five Star and will be coming out sometime after the first of the year.  I’ve heard March or April, I’ll let you know once I have a clearer idea.  My first Living Room Session on October 11th went very well and I have a second one scheduled for Thursday, December 13th with special guest, Randy Huston.  I’ll be telling you more about this one in the next few weeks.  And finally (at least for this particular message), the Cowboy Way Texas Tour at the end of next March is coming together nicely.  We’ve got two dates “officially set,” with a third one nearly confirmed.  There are two more that we’re working on that will be nice ones as well.  Once we get everything set, I’ll let everyone know the schedule.  We’re thinking about setting up a “Tour Texas with the Cowboy Way” expedition if  enough folks are interested.  More on that in a little while.

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