Here’s something for those of you who really appreciate great music. Last month, the Cowboy Way Trio performed at the Walnut Valley Festival in Winfield, Kansas and it lived up to everything we’d heard about it. It’s been around for about fifty years and although it’s primarily a bluegrass/acoustic festival, they’ve featured Western music for quite a few years now. Along with our buddy, RW Hampton, we were proud to represent our genre this year. Winfield is the home of the National Flatpicking Championship and the International Fingerstyle Guitar Championship along with the National Fiddle and Mandolin Championships and this year, my buddy Mariam (of the Cowboy Way) was a judge for the Fingerstyle Championship. One of his fellow judges was Muriel Anderson. She’s the first woman ever to win the Fingerstyle Championship (several women have won it since) and she studied with Chet Atkins. Purely by chance, we had several sets where Muriel either performed right before or right after us so we got to see and hear her perform. It was JAWDROPPING!! Of all the amazing musicians we heard that weekend, Muriel was my favorite. I can hardly find words to describe what she does so I’m going to give you the opportunity to see for yourself. I’m putting a YouTube link below of her playing Stevie Wonder’s Superstition. Stevie played all the instruments on the recording of this song but he had the good sense to do them one at a time. Muriel plays all the parts at once on a classical guitar. She is amazing and I highly recommend that you check out her music. I’m also including her website below because I suspect after you see her on YouTube, you’ll want to buy some CDs. ENJOY.


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