My fifth novel, The Lights of Cimarron, will be published next week, April 17th, by Five Star Publishing.  Here’s what some folks who got a sneak peek at it are saying:

“Acclaimed songwriter Jim Jones reveals another side to his writing ability in this rip-snorting Western adventure.” Johnny D. Boggs, Spur Award Winning author

“Lawman Tom Stallings is pulled in every direction possible – from finding murdering livestock thieves while dealing with meddlesome town politicians – to honoring a faithful love for his wife. A page turner written with heart, humor.”  Karen Casey Fitzjerrell, author of award-winning Forgiving Effie Beck  

“Jim Jones’s Lights of Cimarron, the intimate and dangerous life of young sheriff Tommy Stallings in northern New Mexico in the late 1800s, sings with authenticity. The rhythms of the prose and the story it tells of the sheriff dealing with politicians, resolving strains on his marriage, and outwitting clever criminals are pitch perfect.”  W. Michael Farmer, Arizona-New Mexico Book Award-Winning author of Mariana’s Knight and Apacheria 

“The Lights of Cimarron, like a set of Jones’ songs, mixes humor with story-telling as Stallings tries to sort out his personal life while fulfilling his duties as a lawman. And just when I figured I knew how everything was going to turn out, Jones catches me off guard with an ending that has me wondering where his next saga is heading next.” Ollie Reed, The Western Way Magazine, Spring 2019

“Jim Jones does an excellent job showing the humanistic side of Stallings as he learns and grows.” Lowell F. Volk, Roundup Magazine, April 2019

Jones wisely incorporates the many popular elements of a western novel with characters who are cowboys, ranchers, homesteaders, gunfighters, sheriffs, rangers and frontiersmen against the backdrop of a harsh but beautiful land. Jones is committed to writing a good story with compelling characters. He uses dialogue to move the action of the story along rather than employing lengthy descriptions of place. First person narrative voice often switches several times within a chapter requiring careful reading. The strength of Jones’s novel is character development. His characters are resourceful, tough and resilient. Some lack morals while other demonstrate strong convictions.” Sue Ready, EverReady Book Reviews

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