Thanks to all who came out last night for my third Living Room Session Concert at the home of Jim and Bobbi Jean Bell.  I took advantage of the fact that Bobbi Bell is an experienced AND award-winning radio host and we conducted the concert as an interview with questions and discussion interspersed with the music.  It was a lot of fun and I appreciate the questions and feedback from various audience members who seemed very interested in the processes of creating and writing both songs and novels.  Each one of these events will be different…for the next one in April, my special guest artist will be my friend and fellow Cowboy Way member, Mariam Funke.  We’ll be doing a number of different tunes than you’re used to hearing, including some instrumental numbers that will showcase Mariam’s musical skills (and stretch mine to the limit!).  He’ll also be talking about how a little boy from Germany managed to grow up wanting to be a cowboy and how he made that happen.  It’ll be fun!

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