Four weeks from today, Thursday, October 11th, I’ll be doing the first of what I’m calling the “Living Room Sessions” at the home of my friend, Joy Burns. I’m committed to performing my music in a listening environment and I finally just decided to “create my own.” For the folks who appreciate my songs, you can attend these performances secure in the knowledge that the music will not be competing with loud side conversations or whatever sporting event might be on the television (which won’t be on 🙂 ). It will be a modified house concert format and I’ll plan on doing two sets. The first will be one that I put together…it might have a central “theme” or it just might be a collection of songs that I feel like doing that night. The second will be comprised of songs that attendees request, either ahead of time via email or on the spot. I don’t mind doing cover songs as long as they’re good songs. Unlike a standard house concert with a set donation, people can donate whatever amount they are comfortable with to compensate me for my performance. If you are a little short on cash that day, don’t let it stop you from coming out to listen. I trust you to make up for it when you’re able. On the other hand, if you just won the lottery and you enjoy the show, don’t feel inhibited about sharing. I also would encourage folks to invite someone who hasn’t heard my music before if you think they would like it. As an incentive, I’ll be offering a free copy of either my “Headin’ Home” CD (the newest solo album) or “The West: Then…Now…Next!” (an older one) to individuals who bring a guest. If you already have the CD, you can give it to a friend. In the next few weeks, I’ll get you all more details about times, location and that sort of thing. I hope to see a bunch of you on October 11th.

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