There was a time (at least that’s what I’ve heard) that if you were on a record label as a musician or had a publisher as an author, they would handle all the marketing, publicity, promotion and such. All you had to do was decide which color M&Ms you didn’t want in the bowl in the green room. Wow, have times changed! These days, authors and musicians have to take the lead in selling your products and yourself. For those of us “of a certain age” (GEEZER is such an ugly word!), that presents a challenge. As a youngster, it was pounded into my psyche (sometimes literally) that a good person does NOT brag on him- or herself. You let your actions speak for you and if someone else praised you, your response was to deflect it by being modest and self-effacing. Things have changed…they have a way of doing that whether we want them to or not. Now it’s up to the individual artist/author to promote yourself and that means you have to find a way to put your brand in front of people constantly and not only get their attention but convince them that they should choose your works over those of other folks. As I come to the end of this particular blog, I’d like to tell you that I’ve come up with the answers for how to do that effectively but alas, I continue to struggle with it. Fortunately, I have some great folks who work with me to assist me in developing the necessary tools to market and promote my work. I’m sure I drive them crazy at times when I ask, for the tenth time, “what is that hashtag thing for again?” Thanks for your patience, in no particular order, Cherry Weiner of Cherry Weiner Literary Agency; Krista Soukup of Blue Cottage Agency; Charlie Stewart of Handshake Management; and Corey Kretsinger of MidState Design. You guys are the BEST!




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