Over my years as a performer, I’ve often been asked by people, “What is Western music?” I’ll just cut to the chase here and tell you; if you’re curious, get a copy of Mary Kaye’s newest album, “Frontier,” and listen to it. There’s your answer. She blends beautiful renditions of traditional songs such as “Roundup in the Spring” and “Cielito Lindo” with contemporary originals such as “We Dream of Horses,” “Frontier,” and the unique and cutting edge “The Star.” Mary Kaye has a beautiful voice but beyond that, she knows how to sing a song so that you feel it right along with her. I guess that’s why she has been named Female Performer of the Year by the International Western Music Association. She’s also been the IWMA Songwriter of the Year and she just keeps getting better. I really respect performers who appreciate the traditional Western songs but who strive to expand the horizons of Western music and make it accessible to a broader audience. Mary Kaye does all that and more. “Frontier” is one heckuva fine album. Check her music out at the link below:


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