Manuela Schneider is an author, a screenwriter/movie producer and a songwriter. Mostly, she is a force of nature and a natural-born storyteller. She is from Germany and has been fascinated with the American West for most of her life. When I was asked to review her novel, The Colt of Destiny, I was very excited and it turns out I had every reason to be. It’s a humdinger of a story! Let me say right up front, this is NOT your Grandpa’s Western novel. It is set in multiple locations, including Tombstone, Arizona, but action also occurs in other parts of the U.S. as well as in Europe … AND it occurs across the span of three centuries. There are honest to goodness Old West bad guys but there are also elements of the supernatural involved too. Think Louis L’Amour meets Outlander’s Diana Gabaldon. In this piece as well as in others of her works with which I’m familiar, Manuela deals with themes of good versus evil and with religious themes involving the conflict between God and the devil. As I said, this is NOT your Grandpa’s Western novel! The central character in the book is the Colt .45 Peacemaker that Johnny Ringo used to commit suicide … or did he? This particular revolver was part of an army order and was not available for purchase by civilians so how did Ringo come to possess it? Speaking of possessed … Okay, I don’t think I can go any further without giving something away. All I can say is that The Colt of Destiny is an action-packed, intriguing and unique book which you’ll have trouble putting down. It is available through Manuela’s website, as well as through the Wolfpack Publishing website ( )

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