Here’s another heads up that I’ll be doing my second Living Room Sessions Concert next week on Thursday, December 11th, along with my good friend, Randy Huston.  We’ll be performing in the living room of our pals, Marion and Joyce Rutherford, starting at 7 PM and going for a couple of hours.  There will be two sets…the first one is OUR set, including songs that we’ve chosen for whatever particular meaning they have for us (or just because we like ‘em) and the second is YOUR set (i.e. your choices for us).  You can email me at my email address listed below with your requests for me and Randy and we’ll do our best to include them.

It’s a pretty intimate setting…after all, we’re singing in the living room.  At the first Living Room Sessions Concert, people had a number of questions for me regarding my (shady) past as a musician.  This time around, I’m hoping the heat…oops, I mean the spotlight might be on Randy.  As a lifelong cowboy, a rancher, a veterinarian, and former Nashville music publisher, he’s had a pretty interesting life.

Doors will open at 6 PM for socializing and eating/drinking.  There is no cover charge/expected donation.  There will be a “willing receptacle” (tip jar) where you can make a contribution to the starving musicians fund if you are able to do so.  Money can be tight around the holidays and if it is, please don’t let that stop you from attending.  You can make it up at some later time if you feel so inclined.  You are welcome to bring snacks, desserts and your beverage of choice.  I will be providing some holiday festive fare as well, showing off my culinary and bartending skills. J  For reservations, information, directions, moral support, etc., contact Marion at the email address listed below.  He’s the one who’s not ajamojo.  We’ve already got close to a full house so you might want to get on this.  We’ll squeeze in as many as we can though.  Hope to see you next week.

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