On Thursday, January 31st, the Cowboy Way will be doing our first ever Create a Song Night in partnership with Albuquerque’s Tractor Brewing Company at their Four Hills Location.  Based on the Paint Night format that has become so popular in the past couple of years, we will take a group of fifteen folks and guide them through the songwriting process, sharing some skills and helping them have a great time in the process.  There are two primary goals: Experience the songwriting process up close and personal AND have a WHOLE lot of fun (Not necessarily in that order).  The flyer accompanying this post has an email address (also see below) where you can register, pay in advance and allow us to share some preliminary materials with you so you’ll be ready to go on January 31st.  You may not produce a Grammy-winning song (in fact, if you do, we’ll be SO jealous!) but you’ll learn some things and have a lot of fun in the process.  See you at Tractor on the 31st!!


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