Sometimes it occurs to me that I might be too busy for my own good.  I just got back from a twelve day trip to Scotland that was preceded by a four day trip to Wyoming and now will be followed by a four day trip to Arizona.  I’m a musician and now it looks like I’ll be a documentary film-maker as well.  Sometimes I let the fact that I’m also an author get lost in the shuffle and I regret that because it’s just as important to me as the other things I do.  I don’t want you to forget that I have a relatively new book out, The Lights of Cimarron, of which I’m mighty proud. (I just read over this post to make sure there were no “ly” adverbs in it…my editor, Hazel Rumney, despises “ly” words!)  Anyway, the book is available right here on my website, just click on the link and it can be yours.  Books make nice gifts, too, and Christmas is just around the corner.

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