I just got the OFFICIAL WORD that my next novel, The Lights of Cimarrón, will be released by Five Star Publishing on April 17, 2019.  Since I’d heard a number of different publication dates before now, it’s great to know exactly when it’s happening.  This is the second book in my Tommy Stallings spin-off series from the Jared Delaney/Moon series and I’m excited about it.  Special thanks to my editor, Hazel Rumney, who lovingly kicks my butt to make sure I write the very best book I am able.  As with my other works of historical fiction, this one is laced with just enough New Mexico history to make it believable and enough storytelling (it’s a “pack of lies I made up”) to keep it lively.  If you haven’t read the first one in the series, The Big Empty, you might want to add that to your Christmas list (better hurry!) so you can be caught up.


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