Here’s the latest review of my third novel, Waning Moon, Book 3 in the Jared Delaney Series. And as many of you already know, the answer to the final question below is yes.

A tale of the good people in northern New Mexico fighting the corruption of the notorious Santa Fe ring, a group of powerful politicians, attorneys and land speculators that ran roughshod over any who got in their way. In Waning Moon, a couple of desperados, with the support of the ring, turn to rustling and murder to enrich themselves. When they are apprehended and brought to trial, the judge, a puppet of the ring, makes a mockery of the trial. Though this is the third book in a trilogy, the ending leaves bits and pieces of the story floating about. Is a sequel to the trilogy in the works?- Harlan Hague, Ph.D., is a native Texan, a prize-winning historian and award-winning novelist. Check out his work at the link below.

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