June is almost here and that means the Western Writers of America Conference is coming up in the latter part of the month.  This year, it’s in Tucson, which means shorts and plenty of sunscreen (not really, I’ll just wear what I always wear but you might want to try the shorts and sunscreen).  I’ve been attending the Western Writers since 2010 (I think that’s right, things sort of all run together these days) and I wouldn’t miss it unless I was in a body cast.  Not only is the conference always chock full of information, it gives me a chance to network and most importantly, re-connect with many of the dear friends I’ve made over the years.  Believe me, some of the smartest people I’ve ever met are regulars to the WWA.  Also, some of the nicest, most supportive people I know.  If you are an author who writes about Western themes and are looking to learn about how to get your book published, how to write a better book, how to navigate the whole marketing/social media world or anything else related to writing, this is the organization to connect with and Tucson is place to be this June 19-22.  See you in Tucson.  By the way, check out my latest book, The Lights of Cimarron, on the home page of my website, I think you’ll like it. (See how much I’ve learned about marketing!)

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