Lights of Cimarron Front CoverI just got back Sunday from the Western Writers of America convention in Tucson and it went really well.  Got to see a bunch of old friends and meet some new ones, have some interesting possibilities cooking and got to play a bunch of music, too.  One highlight for me was hearing an author colleague tell me how much they involved my new book, The Lights of Cimarron, from Five Star Publishing.  They had specific parts of the book that they really liked so it felt very genuine.  It’s nice when people whom you respect like your work.  I’m back home working feverishly with the rest of the Cowboy Way (and crew) to pin down the myriad of details still hanging for our trip to Scotland in four weeks.  We’re VERY excited about both performing over there at a number of festivals as well as filming the first part of our documentary on the Scottish Drovers’ journey from their homeland to America where they headed West to become cowboys.  An inspirational saga of the American Dream in action.  I’ll be saying a lot more about this in the weeks to come.

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