“…challenges…stampedes, rustlers,
blizzards and threatening Indians.”

Three years have passed since Jared Delaney faced down the vicious Morgan O’Bannon under the light of the rustler’s moon, thwarting the corrupt Santa Fe Ring. He has married Eleanor, the love of his life, and manages the Kilpatrick ranch north of Cimarron. Embarking on a cattle drive to Colorado to secure the future of the ranch, he faces monumental challenges…stampedes, rustlers, blizzards and threatening Indians.

While Jared is gone, Sheriff Nathan Averill discovers another sinister plot by the Santa Fe Ring as they send three homicidal killers to Cimarrón. They threaten Eleanor Delaney and Lizbeth Kilpatrick, trying to wrest control of the ranch from them. Expecting to find helpless victims, the gunmen are in for the surprise of their lives as the women fight back with weapons and wiles. Jared races back from Colorado to lend a hand as the conflict comes to a head in a hail of bullets.

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  • Strong Western WomenBookworm on Amazon

    Colorado Moon, the second book in the Jared Delaney series, weaves a tale in two parts. Jared is heading a cattle drive from Cimarron, NM, over Raton Pass to deliver beeves to a mining company in Colorado. The drive encounters a snowstorm, stampede, Indians and outlaws. Meanwhile, the women who were left at home are battling villains who are attempting to steal the ranch. The author has achieved a good balance between the two stories. The women are depicted as strong characters, unusual in a traditional Western story. I liked this book better than the first and look forward to the next adventure.

  • Romance, excitement and dangerJoan Maholtz on Amazon

    Jim Jones did not disappoint his readers in Colorado Moon, the continuing saga of Jared Delaney. I liked this second book even better than the first. The characters are well defined and he does a great job of running parallel stories. Great descriptions of the challenges they ensue while on a cattle drive and more plotting from the Santa Fe Ring which proves the strength, guts and determination of the women in his life. Jim Jones writing is flawless. Anxious to start on the third book Waning Moon.

  • I enjoyed this story immenselyJill Leitner on Amazon

    Jim Jones has taken his song-writing ability and applied it to novels--to the reader's benefit! I waited anxiously for COLORADO MOON to be published so that I could revisit Cimarron, New Mexico, and be reunited with the great characters that Jim created in RUSTLER'S MOON. I enjoyed this story immensely and I'm waiting expectantly for the third book in the trilogy.

  • A good readJackie on Amazon

    An excellent book. Jim Jones continues the Jared Delaney series begun with Rustler's Moon. This one is even better than the first. We can only hope the third one is coming out soon. The author creates a realistic portrait of life on the trail as his characters battle bad guys and nature for the survival of the herd. Meanwhile back in town, two strong women fight to save the ranch in the men's absence.

  • Fun Western with deep charactersCJ on Amazon

    Jim Jones has delivered the second installment in the Jared Delaney series, and it was worth the wait. It certainly works as a page-turner, but the satisfaction comes from the depth of the characters. Witnessing their continued growth (and decline) really allows the reader to connect to the story, leading to some real white-knuckle moments. An improvement on the first, Jim has definitely found his stride with this one, and I can't wait to read the conclusion.

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