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“The greed and audacity of the Santa Fe Ring seems to know no bounds. How many good people will die in the effort
to turn the tide of their relentless land-grabbing?”

In another tense showdown, this time in a courtroom, Jared Delaney faces off against the arrogant and malicious Bill Chapman and his hired killer, Daughtry. Sheriff Nathan Averill faces a crisis of confidence as his skills as a lawman wane with his advancing age, and then in the time of Cimarrón’s greatest need, he vanishes. Right and wrong, honesty and justice…are these just empty words? Can the men and women of Cimarrón make one more stand? And even if they prevail, what will be left of their way of life as the world changes around them?

Although the characters in this novel are fictitious, the events that take place are based on historical fact. There was a group known as the Santa Fe Ring in the New Mexico Territory during the time period from just after the Civil War until the late-1880s. The members of that informal group used their connections in Washington, D.C. as well as the legal framework of the Maxwell Land Grant to engage in what many consider the largest land speculation conspiracy in U.S. history. At one point during this period, Thomas Catron owned more land than any other individual in the United States. During what was known as the Colfax County War, individuals who stood up to oppose the Ring were murdered…attorneys, law-enforcement officers and a Methodist Minister among others.

In this fictional account, I attempt to honor the heroic efforts of those very real men and women who lived in this time and who courageously made a stand against corruption and injustice. I also tried to tell a good story along the way.

  • A great trilogy!Joan Maholtz on Amazon

    I really enjoyed all three books. Be sure to read them in order: Rustler's Moon; Colorado Moon and Waning Moon. The author did a great job taking you through the challenges of living in this era. The characters are so defined and I particularly enjoyed watching each character evolve and grow. I read the last book in one day because I just couldn't put it down. Hoping there is more coming from Jim Jones as he is an interesting and flawless writer.

  • Waning Moon by Jim Jones (Five Stars)Kindle Customer on Amazon

    This is the 3rd great book in this series. Once I started reading this book I had a hard time putting it down. Jim did a great job in continuing in the lives of the characters from the other books. It has a lot of action and even some romance thrown in. If you enjoy westerns, I don't think you could help but love this book.

  • Authentic, but new Western WritingDD on Amazon

    Loved this trilogy of books. The settings, the characters, and the scenes all rang true, putting the reader right into the story. Looking forward to reading more from Jim Jones.

  • Great TrilogyBrenda on Amazon

    The trilogy is great! I've never read westerns before. I will definitely read more from this author for sure. Great Read!

  • Waning Moon by Jim Jones (Five Stars)Totsie Slover on Amazon

    Waning Moon is the third book in a trilogy...so you should first read Rustler's Moon and Colorado Moon. Great story about a young man growing up in the late 1800s in New Mexico. He has to learn to deal with his own issues and how to sort out all the shenanigans going on in that wild western time. There is a little of everything in the book...working, loving, killing, surviving and just doin' what's right! It's well written, fast moving, attention capturing and more. You'll love it!

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